Communication is the main problem

What’s the main reason of all skirmishes? Really don’t know? Oh, know. Listen, I’m gona tell you a top secret. If you have a problem with someone else, try to think of your communication with the person you can’t understand. The problem’s name should be "communication".

The magic word "communicate" means to exchange information. It also means sharing information, ideas, feelings and all of the virtual invisible things you need to understand what another one means. It sounds simple. But. The question is – why two people can’t communicate with each other?

  1. Inability – in west cultures there are a strong presure to learn young pupils and students how to communicate. But not in countries, where a hard non-democratic regime was a few years ago (here in the Czech Republic, it was more than 16 years ago when the regime changed). Communistic regime had only one goal related to communication. They wanted people not to communicate. Then, tell me, how we could learn to communicate. Of course, we have tried to learn how to communicate for 16 years and have had success sometimes. But … not everybody.
  2. Laziness – we’ve got more possibilities or tools for communications than before. Emails, instant messangers, cell phones, text messages, internet chat rooms, discussion groups, newsgroups and maybe much more. We use them. We love them. We use them more offten and with less energy then standard ways of communications. But we don’t know or we don’t want to know that we should use face to face communications as well. Sometimes, one two minutes talking can be more than all-day emailing.
  3. Vanity and arrogance – is it surprise for you? Why vanity and arrogance? Try to remember how did you feel when you met a man or a woman who thought him/herself that he/she is right and no one else. And on top of it, he or she gave you the information by email. You understood it wrong because these were letters only without non-verbal message, replied with the same tinge and so on. Finally, guess, how it ends…

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